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WHU Finance Society is WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management’s finance club. As the business school’s oldest initiative, the club aims to create value for its members by providing additional academic sessions with proven experts, networking opportunities with first class employers and society internal offerings. Our thematic priorities are investment management, sales & trading, management consulting in the financial sector, as well as classical investment banking.

WHU Finance Society counts a large part of currently at Campus Vallendar enrolled students as its members, this includes bachelor students across all years as well as master students. Members can either participate regularly by contributing their technical know-how and time or by attending events on a non-compulsory basis.

WHU Finance Society is a proud member of the IFSA – International Finance Student Association Network and the BVH - Bundesverband der Börsenvereine an Deutschen Hochschulen (Federal Association of German Academic Investment Clubs). The club is open to all members of the WHU community. For more information please contact us:

Our Services & Divisions


Having started with casual meetings to discuss capital markets, we offer a diverse portfolio of events for our members, today. Clustered into the categories Academic, Corporate, Experienced and Socials, we provide technical lectures and deep-dives by renowned professors, insights into their business and opportunities to get to know the employees of our partners and other renowned financial institutions, as well as accounts, tips and tricks by our long-standing members, and casual events to relax with friends and fellow students.


After the revival of the WHU Financial, a now monthly publication of varied deep-dives and focused articles created by experienced students, our aim is to supply our members additionally with a weekly update on global financial markets and selected important macroeconomic events in the form of a free subscription. Moreover, the publishing division redacts a quarterly informational briefing on the development of WHU Finance Society for our Alumni, as well as a number of diverse articles.

Finance & Legal

This division cares about all financial operations of the society and maintains the legal reporting of WHU Finance Society and associated entities. It is its main administrative unit and covers all technical membership related issues.

Marketing & Public Relations

Given the substantial event-related activities of WHU Finance Society, Marketing & Public Relations is busy with managing all (social) media channels the finance club is using and accompanying events with superior digital impressions and colourful reviews. It operates WHU Finance Society's Blog and is responsible for the redaction of all outward presentation as well as maintaining the "corporate identity".

Information Technology

In response to the specific needs of a large student society and developing investment management operations, Information Technology creates internal information networks and databases. Furthermore, it develops customized solutions for Student Capital Management and is responsible for general data integration.

Student Capital Management

WHU Finance Society's investment management team offers an additional educational program with practical training for selected participants as a comparably independent division. The aim of this program is to teach its participants additional know-how and to provide them with strong practical experience in preparation of a career in investment management or finance in general. Please see Student Capital Management for more detailed information on this division and its program for WHU students.

Alumni Club

To build on its members' affiliation with the society and continue to serve its members even after they have left university, WHU Finance Society has a small team responsible for the administration of its Alumni Club, uniting the previously active members and those who are deeply engaged and interested in the world of finance. Within the Club sociable casual events are organised in Europe's financial centers and selected metropoles.

Additional Member Benefits

Besides services from distinguished divisions, members enjoy further benefits like free newspaper or journal subscriptions and offers of affiliated partners like BVH or IFSA, as well as on-campus amenities with respect to finance-related education: Overview.

Our History

Back in 1996, just a few years after WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management moved into Vallendar’s traditional Marienburg, a group of finance-minded students got together and founded WHU Daxe, the business school’s finance club and oldest associated student initiative.

Originally, the club focused on the German equity market and offered primarily workshops as well as exclusive get-togethers for its members to discuss capital markets and macroeconomic developments. The club transformed later into a discussion platform for all kinds of banking related topics, facilitating its members' first steps into the industry.

With the globalization, de-regulation and liberalisation of financial markets, also the club's scope broadened and soon covered all topics within the world of finance; Thus, first events with external involvement were organised. Additionally, the WHU Financial, a monthly finance-related essay published by the club and written by students of WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, first came to life.

Then, in 2015, after carrying the name “WHU Daxe” for almost twenty years, it was time for a change to reflect more adequately the newly gained internationality and wider scope of interests covered by the finance club's activities.

In the course of a regular annual general meeting, it was decided to rename the club into WHU Finance Society, which has been followed by rigorous re-branding as well as the establishment of a well-defined corporate identity and consistent public appearance.

Today, in 2017, WHU Finance Society has been organizing events and providing educational services as well as offering an open forum for discussions on financial or macroeconomic topics for more than two decades; longer than any other WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management student initiative. Now, WHU Finance Society envisages to continue its path of outstandingly serving its members and providing exceptional opportunities with respect to the world of finance.